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Hello, my name is Buzz. My parents named me after the second man to walk on the Moon. However, my ambition isn't to reach the moon, I am aiming for a fantastic career in business. My dad left town when I was pretty young and so I didn't see him as I was growing up. Thankfully, my uncle Bob was a great influence. Not only is he a great guy, he is also a great businessman. For the past 8 months, Bob has been offering me advice about the range of different businesses I could start. i hope you enjoy my blog.


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    4 Ways To Design The Perfect Custom Stickers For Your Business

    Custom stickers are a great way to build your brand and promote your business. They're fun, versatile, and the cost per unit is much lower than for many other promotional goods—what's not to love? If you're interested in designing some custom stickers for your business but aren't sure how to use them to their best advantage, read on for four easy tips that will help you make your new stickers as effective as possible.

    Why Involve Town Planners Before You Plan A Development Project?

    Before you start drawing up formal plans for a development project, it's worth talking to local town planners. How will this help you get approval for your project? 1. Access Local Planning Knowledge Even if you have worked on development projects in the same area in the past, you still might not have in-depth knowledge of local town planning rules. Rules can be complex; they are also often subject to change.

    Go Beyond Basic: Why Choose Roller Blinds For Your Residential Windows

    If you're looking for window coverings for your home, you have quite a few options available to you. However, if you're looking for an option that goes beyond your basic window coverings, it's time to move roller blinds to the top of the list. You might think that traditional curtains or blinds are the way to go, but that's not necessarily the case. Before you settle for a different option, read the information provided below.

    Why Every Home Needs A Proper Ventilation Solution

    Australia is not the easiest climate to try and build a home in, but there are a few key tips and tricks you can employ to change that. Ventilation offers many benefits, but it must be tailored to your personal situation by a qualified expert. When done right, ventilation can drastically change how it feels to live and work in your home, to the point where it seems almost unrecognisable to what it was before.

    Strata Management Tips

    Managing a strata development can be a nerve-wracking experience. It is especially so since you have to consider the opinion of each member to the development. More often than not, the owners' corporation spends sleepless nights trying to find compromises that can be accepted by all members of the owners' association. Below is an excerpt discussing how to manage a strata development. Hopefully, it will ease the work of strata managers and owners' corporations.

    3 Ways Gutter Problems Can Damage Your Home

    Properly functioning gutters do a splendid job of directing the rain that runs off your roof away from the roof itself and the foundation of your residential building. Over time, however, your gutters may stop working properly due to various reasons such as normal wear and tear, blockages, leaks, storm damage, lack of gutter maintenance, and a change in the slope of the gutters relative to the roof and the ground.

    3 Reasons to Consider Using Pine Sawdust as Animal Bedding

    If you just started an animal rearing project, you must be researching different things such as the right food for them and how to keep their sleeping areas comfortable. The conditions of the stys, pens, and other animal enclosures go beyond determining the comfort of the animals; they also influence the health and hygiene of the animal.  Animal rearing experts will recommend different animal bedding materials, which can make it hard to choose one.

    Why It Might Be Reasonable to Hire a Shipping Container Instead of Buying One

    As a businessperson, you might need a shipping container to store goods or to transport your company's products from one place to another. You may also use it in various innovative ways, including constructing perfectly sized swimming pools, affordable houses, emergency medical centres, sheds and restaurant spaces.  If your needs are short-term, renting a shipping container might be a worthwhile decision. For instance, if you only want to store goods for one month, buying a new container might be a waste of money.